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This is Lep in Lep's World 1.

Lep is the main protagonists of the iOS, Android video game, Lep's World.


Lep is a brave leprechaun with a green hat, a clover on the left side of the hat, brown mini belt, a golden round belt buckle, orange hair (counts as eyebrows and beard.) , long pointy ears, a big pink nose,  black ovalish eyes, a yellow tie, green long-sleeved shirt, white buttons, a brown belt, yellow belt buckle, green shorts, yellow tights and brown shoes. 


Lep seems like a carring person; if you played Lep's World 3, Lep's friends get kiddnapped by the evil ogers and if you defeted the boss for each world, he rescues his friends. You can change your character in the store to Coleen, Lep's girlfriend, Finn, Lep's son and Super Lep,.